about Alexandra Lind Rose

Since 2011 Alexandra has been a freelance design consultant for various private companies as well as consulting for private clients’ wardrobes.

What sets Alexandra’s creative vision apart is the way she styles her outfits by combining current designer pieces and vintage clothes with her own designs. Because she grew up embracing all fashion, she has a sincere love for all designers’ creative vision as much as she enjoys her own designs. She much prefers combining looks together rather than wearing just her own designs - whether its a blouse of her own design paired with another designers’ skirt, or a vintage tunic with another designers’ trousers. This constant experimenting with different looks always leads her to something she needs but can’t find.

Alexandra’s creative ideas are usually formed through something that isn’t already out there in the fashion market -something she can’t find. Today, she is constantly upgrading and altering pieces in her wardrobe to look more modern to go with current designer pieces. “If I can’t find something I am looking for in my mind, I make it.”

Alexandra is currently hired to advise with a design team on trends, proportion, fit and style of individual pieces and plan out groups that are best suited for the coming seasons. She translates innovative ideas based on a specific designers’ point of view that are both wearable, modern and true to their innate sense of style.


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